Kevin Gormal | Kellie Wells

Kellie Wells / Olympic Press Kit

December 1, 2011

As the 2012 London Olympics approached, athletes from every sport try to get in front of worldwide sponsors and fans. I was lucky enough to work behind the scenes with The Matchbook Agency on this identity project for Kellie Wells.

Capturing Kellie’s unique story and spirit was at the forefront of this brand strategy. Yes, she runs for elite teams, but she is an individual with a lot more to offer sponsors and fans than just her lighting times on the stopwatch (including her passion for the color green.) When working with members of such elite caliber, we usually get the benefit of working with some beautiful photography. No question here that Kellie is elite and it shows in her photos which we elevated to increase the strength of her overall connection to our target audience.

This was digital press kit we delivered on her behalf worldwide.