Kevin Gormal | Story


As a creative person, I have always aimed for my work to be recognized, even at a young age. It began in kindergarten when I pushed my father’s patience with his Beatles collection, the White Album. Still sealed in its original packaging, most would have seen this as a collectors item. Turns out, I saw it as an open white canvas for a crayon art project.

Being first generation American to Scottish parents, I ventured through middle and high school with a soccer ball on my foot and a sketching pencil in hand. My passion for competition inspired me to excel in my art classes. I grew a passion for the automobile, so I began using my car as a canvas. I worked all hours of the day so I could afford all the extra parts to improve its appeal, anything that would separate my car from the rest.

After college, I decided to see if my inspiration might come from other places. I boarded an 18-hour flight to Australia and began exploring even before I got over jet-lag. I traveled all over Australia’s east coast where I found an urban art scene throughout the grungy alleyways of Brisbane, class and sophistication on the steps of the Sydney Harbor bridge and political graffiti I later found during a trip through Northern Ireland.

After spending several months abroad, I focused on what everyone eventually needs to have, a paying job. I began interning at a publishing house in downtown Indianapolis where my internship quickly grew into a permanent position. It was there I began struggling to avoid creating only for cash…

I continued to pursue my passions through many personal projects away from the office. I even married an amazing artist along the way. Not long in the corporate world, my wife and I decided to take a leap into business partnership with two other individuals at a small, yet progressive, agency a few blocks north of downtown Indy, Matchbook Creative. This was to be our process, our art, our agency to push the best of what we are capable of to levels that even we couldn’t see from the direction of others. Together we could see that agency life was quite different and I learned REAL deadlines, dedication, business management, client relations, and most of all what a good beer really does for a guy who works tirelessly with 3 dominant women day-in and day-out.

After being sought after to drive even further north of the city, I landed in a position that stayed close to my passion; marketing and art-directing national ad work for the automotive industry. Leading the charge for an entire company re-brand. I continued to push the envelope as much as possible, and keep the messaging and branding moving in one direction, FORWARD.

Amidst my passion for design work, my wife gave birth to an amazing little boy November 2011. My son, Kixton, already has a brand identity, website and business card, naturally with two creative parents. With our addition, my life continues to be full of focus and inspiration.

Since our addition, I have moved to another work home, Sport Graphics. I have had the opportunity to work directly with some of the largest sporting events and programs in the country. Sporting event decor and permanent university decor are now my life to say the least. It certainly makes the long hours working on a 1-day national event look very different through the eyes of the camera.

As my wife and son are the primary motivating factors to conquer the next project, create the latest trend and never stop seeing the potential in myself, everyday life continually inspires me to become a better person in everything I do…